From artisanal chocolatier to global praline producer

Advanced production, well-developed style

Pralibel combines its wide variety of pralines with advanced production and a standardised, well-developed style. Pralibel's range is divided into difference product lines, with each praline having its own name. So there is something for even the pickiest of chocolate lovers. 

An eye for detail

Pralibel pralines give themselves away, not just because of how they taste, but more often than not, how they look, too. Pralibel sees each praline as a creation in itself, deserving focused attention and an eye for detail. Crafted by our chocolatiers, our pralines are a delight for the senses and a wonder to behold.

International success

It is easy to spot a Pralibel praline boutique. Thanks to the intriguing, modular retail concept, more and more local businesses are looking to partner with Pralibel. As a result, the Pralibel outlets in many countries are experiencing an explosive growth.